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energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
We realise that when fossil fuels burn they cause damaging greenhouse gases.

Every one has heard of global warming and one quarter of the UK's carbon dioxide emissions every year originate from the energy used to heat and light our homes.

Producing products that use less of these essential fuels and thus cause less of a damaging effect on the environment are at the top of our agenda.


Replacing a boiler, which is over 15 years, old with a new condensing model will save over a third on your fuel bills and reduce the emissions collectively responsible for climate change.

We can help you by providing an extensive choice of boilers from which to choose.

Is your inefficient boiler costing you money?

We specialise in the installation and upgrades of all types of boilers and central heating systems in and around the Leeds and Wakefield area.


By replacing your boiler with a more efficient model you will not only save money but you'll be doing your bit for the environment too.

If everyone in the UK fitted a new high efficiency boiler the amount of CO2 saved would fill alomost 3.5 million hot air balloons!


SEDBUK (seasonal effieciency for domestic boilers in the UK)
All boilers are rated to how efficient they are and are rated accordingly.

Band A 90% effecient and abone
Band B 86% - 90%
Band C 82% - 86%
Band D 78% - 82%
Band E 74% - 78%
Band F 70% - 74%
Band G below - 70%

A new boiler can save you up to 40% on your fuel bills, contcat us today to see how replacing your boiler can save you money and help the environment.

We only supply and install the highest quality and efficient boilers on the market.

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