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unvented pressurised hot water system
Unvented Pressurised Hot Water Systems
Unvented Pressurised Hot Water
There is no cold water storage tank or central heating header tank. Water is heated in a special cylinder at mains pressure. Because water is pre-heated, it can be delivered to more than one tap at a time as with a conventional cylinder. However, as the system is at mains pressure, flow rates will normally be much improved (depending on local mains water pressure).


This system is particularly advantageous where there is a high demand for hot water such as properties with more than one bathroom or where improved shower performance is required without the use of a pump. Also advantageous where no head is available for cold water storage tanks i.e. loft conversions or flats.

Some older systems can be upgraded using the existing boiler subject to building regulations. However, it is generally advantageous to use a purpose-designed pressurised system boiler which includes, within its case, all the components required for primary pressurisation.

Systems are available giving pressurised stored hot water and conventional central heating (no cold water storage tank but retaining central heating header tank) or pressurised central heating and conventional stored hot water (retains cold water storage tank but no central heating header tank) or combinations thereof. Please telephone for further information/advice.

Fitting a room thermostat, thermostatic radiator valves or a time switch or any combination of these will give improved control over comfort conditions and better economy by switching the boiler off whenever it is not required.

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